Piano Lessons in St Albans

Experienced piano and keyboard player and teacher offering piano lessons in St Albans for contemporary or classical music to both adults and children.

My students can develop their skills playing the music they love, whether it be rock, pop, ska, reggae, or any other form of modern music. They also learn the theory of music as they progress which means that they are not reliant on only being able to play from written music, but are able to develop their own versions of tunes. Should they be interested in performing as part of a band, I also help them to develop the different skills required for that.

If a student wants to take exams, we now have many more options than when I learnt as a child. You are no longer forced to follow the classical route. You are now able to take exams through Rockschool and Trinity College both for solo piano and keyboards as part of a band, learning modern tunes that you will recognise.

Piano lessons in St Albans from Mike Busby

Always wanted to learn the piano, or want your child to learn? Or perhaps you learned as a child, but gave it up? It’s not too late to learn!

Maybe you have more time (and patience) now, and are more motivated to learn. Your options are also greater now. When you were a child, classical music was the only option available. Now, many people are able to learn the pop and rock tunes that they are more familiar with.

  • Tuition for adults & children
  • Rock, pop or classical
  • Beginners welcome
  • Improve your musical theory
  • 30 or 45 minute lessons (day or evening)
  • Lessons at your home or teacher’s
  • Take exams if you wish
  • Piano lessons in St Albans area

Mike Busby is a St Albans based piano and keyboard teacher, specialising in teaching rock and pop to adults. He is also a professional keyboard player performing with Special Kinda Madness and The Iconics.

If you are not sure at the moment, why not take advantage of a FREE Trial Lesson? This is an opportunity to meet Mike, discuss your aspirations, and for him to assess your current skills (if any).

Mike Busby performing with Special Kinda Madness

You can contact Mike on 07916 311396 or email him on mike@busby.eu for an initial chat about having piano lessons.